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List of the best 36 movies about serial killers. In all cases, these are films that are NOT made according to true cases. Chart and list of 57 movies about serial killers filmed according to real events - HERE. The effort was to sort the films according to their degree of success. However, not all of the above films were seen by the author of the ranking, and in such cases, he followed the rating at IMDb. We will be glad if you write us a message or comment if you think of a movie that we have forgotten ... we will gladly add it

A brilliant, cult American thriller, with a grim atmosphere where Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman are on the track of an inventive and intelligent serial killer who is gradually killing in the name of the seven deadly sins. (1995. IMDb 8,6.

An excellent and brilliantly cast American crime thriller with horror features, where a young FBI agent (Jodie Foster) with the help of imprisoned serial killer and cannibal (Anthony Hopkins) is searching for another serial killer called Buffalo Bill. (1991). IMDb 8,6.

A hilarious coproduction American-German drama in which a brilliant perfume maker, killing young, beautiful and innocent girls in the desire to create the perfect fragrance. (2006). IMDb 7,5.

The legendary, now classic, American film by Alfred Hitchcock, set in a remote motel where a serial killer rages. The film is especially interesting for its atmosphere and great performances. (1960). IMDb 8,5.

A successful French film starring Jean Reno and Vincent Cassel, who are looking for the bestial serial killer in the French Alps, leaving their victims' bodies mutilated. (2000). IMDbD 6,9.

The American crime thriller in which Kevin Costner, as a very successful man, turns into a merciless killer of loving couples at night. He's beautiful Demi Moore on the trail. (2007) . IMDb 7,3.

American-German thriller from Hannibal Lecter, starring Anthony Hopkins in one of the lead roles. Can a killer succeed, who always kills on a full moon? (2002). IMDb 7,2.

An American action crime film where two young lovers escape after the murder of a girl's parent, leaving behind more dead ... Directed by Oliver Stone, starring Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis. (1994). IMDb 7,3.

A thrilling German-Swiss detective story in which a police commissioner searches for the bestial killer of a little girl in a remote village of one of the Swiss cantons. (1958). IMDb 7,9.

Czechoslovakia detective movie. Major Kalaš, performed by Rudolf Hrušínský, must search this time in Dubé, North Bohemia, for a sexually devastating murderer who targets small boys. (1970). IMDb 7,2.

An American mysterious thriller, led by Morgan Freeman, as a detective looking for a kidnapper and serial killer of young, beautiful women. (1997). IMDb 6,6.

American cult horror, where the plot is that the main character stops the hitchhikers, who turns out to be a dangerous serial killer. (1986). IMDb 7,3.

The cult American action thriller with Clint Eastwood in the lead role. In the movie, the viewer can watch from the detective's point of view the quest for a maniac who decides to blackmail and scare the whole of San Francisco. (1971). IMDb 7,7.

A harsh American thriller in which a detective tries to hunt down a sadistitic serial killer who cuts off the victims' body parts. (1999). IMDb 6,1.

A Canadian-American mysterious crime thriller where Angelina Jolie searches alongside Denzel Washington for a psychopathic serial killer that leaves mysterious symbols at the scene. (1999). IMDb 6,7.

A well-known American thriller in which a murderer is raging in a dark New York that attacks young women and always carries their scalp with them. (1980). IMDb 6,5.

An American-British film from the Hannibal Lecter series, where the (run away) serial killer and the cannibal dr. Hannibal Lectre (Anthony Hopkins) and FBI agent Sterling (this time Julianne Moore) looking for another serial killer. (2001). IMDb 6,8.

A Danish crime thriller in which a few years old message arrives in the bottle on the Criminal Department table. He triggers an investigation into the dark case of a murdering psychopath, sectarian faith, and kidnapped pairs of siblings, whose disappearance has not been reported. (2016). IMDb 7,0.

An American crime thriller where Sigourney Weaver, in the role of a police psychologist, seeks to help a young detective get caught by a serial killer whose acts are a true copy of past murders committed in the past. (1995). IMDb 6,6.

American thriller starring Christian Bal and Jared Leto. A perversion study of a man who has seemingly everything but still missing something ... will he become a serial killer? (2000). IMDb 7,6.

An Italian mysterious movie in which a young woman, endowed with a special ability to communicate with insects, seeks to identify the serial killer of young students. (1985). IMDb 6,8.

A minimalist British movie in which a young couple collides with a maniac truck driver on a freeway. The young man sees something disturbing in his truck. Although he is not quite sure what he saw, he informs the police and tries to forget the incident. However, this raises an argument with his partner, who leaves at one of the gas stations in a rage. A few moments later, a young man spotted a familiar truck leaving the pump. (2008). IMDb 6,0.

American detective movie in which police officer Wes Block investigates the murder of young women. However, he lives strange and seeks prostitutes at night who do not reject perversion. Another of the probes into the madman's mind, in a film where there is no clear line between who is mad and who is a detective. (1984). IMDb 6,3.

An American mysterious thriller where FBI agents try to catch a serial killer that kills sick people. Starring Anthony Hopkins and Colin Farrell. (2015). IMDb 6,4.

A Danish-French thriller that tells of an intelligent serial killer who takes murder as a work of art and desires as close as possible to the perfect murder of his own imagination. (2018). IMDb 6,8.

An American mysterious thriller, where beautiful Angelina Jolie, in the role of an agent specializing in psychological profiling, seeks to capture a serial killer who takes his victims' identity. (2004).   IMDb 6,2.

A new processing of the cult thriller from 1980. This time the plot takes place in Los Angeles, where the viewer will be able to delve into the oppressive psyche of a serial killer attacking young prostitutes. Starring Elijah Wood. (2012). IMDb 6,1.

A German-American thriller with a harsh atmosphere where FBI agents are looking for a serial killer nicknamed "The Hand of God" that has killed many people. (2001). IMDb 7,2.

Italian mysterious horror. A young woman suffering from anorexia is returned to her parents after being escaped from a psychiatric institution, who is then murdered by a serial killer. The girl and her boy are starting their own investigation. Can they reveal the identity of a mad killer who murders only in the rain? (1993). IMDb 5,9.

An American horror film in which Klaus Kinski as a hellish doctor with a dark past collects his victims as a tenant of flats. (1986). IMDb 5,3.

When the quarreling husbands (Kate Beckinsale, Luke Wilson) run out of gas, they decide to sleep in a nearby motel. But soon they find themselves in their worst nightmare. The owners are watching them everywhere with hidden cameras and soon they will start afraid about their lives.(2007). IMDb 6,2.

A British crime thriller that takes place in Los Angeles, where the famous Jack the Ripper seems to have started killing again. The murder is first suspicious, a young doctor, but he dies and it seems that the tracks lead a little else. (1988). IMDb 5,9.

A Spanish criminal  moviewho begins by finding two corpses in the crypt of the old cathedral. Thus, a psychological profiling expert must be returned to pursue a ritual serial killer who has been terrorizing the city for two decades. (2019). IMDb 5,2.

A remake of a successful American horror movie of the same name, where a pair of students stop the hitchhikers from turning out to be a dangerous serial killer. (2007). IMDb 5,6.

American - Canadian mysterious horror. A beautiful and intelligent student goes to class with the professor, who once tells the students the legend of a former professor who killed six of his students 25 years ago. The young woman is suspicious of the whole story and is convinced that the murderer is still at the university. But no one believes her. Will anyone believe before it's too late? (1998). IMDb 5,6.

A Canadian-American horror movie in which after twenty years an active killer begins to scare the whole city. This murderer is not content with just any form of murder - he bones you.. (1998). IMDb 5,3.

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