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Below you will find an overview of the most interesting available documents and interviews on serial killers. We will also appreciate your video tips that should not miss our attention! Documents are sorted by language - first Czech or Czech dubbed, then English.

Sérioví vrazi (CZ a EN)

Sérioví vrazi (CZ a EN)

Sérioví vrazi (CZ a EN)
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Robert Ressler  Muž, co žije s monstry - dokument o profilování sériových vrahů

Robert Ressler Muž, co žije s monstry - dokument o profilování sériových vrahů

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Jeden z nejaktivnějších sériových vrahů Evropy   Manuel DELGADO VILLEGAS

Jeden z nejaktivnějších sériových vrahů Evropy Manuel DELGADO VILLEGAS

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Jeden z nejhorších kanadských sériových vrahů Russel Maurice Johnson

Jeden z nejhorších kanadských sériových vrahů Russel Maurice Johnson

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Závěrečná zpráva   Sériový vrah od Green River

Závěrečná zpráva Sériový vrah od Green River

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Below you will find a list of 100 best movies with the theme of serial and mass killers. In all cases, movies are based on reality (movies about serial killers - fiction, find HERE) . Some of these films are almost the reconstruction of real cases and closely follow known facts, others are inspired by real cases very loosely, and rather they could be said to have been built on the motives of the concrete case. The effort was to sort the films according to the degree of eligibility. However, not all of these films have been seen by author of this blog, and therefore, in such cases, he has held a rating on the IMBd. In case you will miss some movie do not hesitate to send us the message and we will be happy to include it in our list.


A great American television movie faithfully portraying the life and crimes of one of the worst Soviet serial killer – Andrej Cikatilo (1995). (1995). IMDb 7,6.

Well done movie about the crimes of the famous American pedophile serial killer and cannibal of the 1920s - Albert Fish (2007). IMDb 6,0.

An excellent movie about the life of American serial killer Alieen Wuornos, performed by Charlize Theron (2003). IMDb 7,3.

A thrilling American detective movie with a star cast showing murders and searching for a never catched serial killer from San Francisco (2007). IMDb 7,7.

A good movie about one of America's most famous serial killers - Ted Bundy (2002). IMDbD 5,9.

German movie freely inspired by the famous serial killer of the early 20th century - Peter Küerten (1931). IMDb 8,3.

Starred Czechoslovak detective movie on the motives of the murderous mourning of Václav Mrázek who killed seven at least in the 1950s (1966). IMDb 7,1.

Noc, ve které přišel ďábel.jpg

German noir drama, which was nominated for an Oscar. The film is set in the Second World War and is inspired by the crimes of a German serial killer named Bruno Lüdke, who killed dozens of people between 1928 and 1942. (1957). IMDb 7,2.


An American movie based on case of David Berkowitz, the so-called "Sam's Son", who shot at least 6 people from 1976-1977. (1999). IMDb 6,6.

Lovcova noc.jpg

American film-noir, which today is an absolute classic. It is one of the most cited film works and plays one of the most breathtaking villains in film history. The film is based on the real case of the American serial killer Harry F. Powers, who murdered 5 people in 1931. (1955).  IMDb 8,0.

Utoya, 22. července.jpg

A Norwegian thriller depicting the fatal day when a Norwegian mass murderer, A. Breivik, killed a total of 77 people in Oslo and Utoya Island (2018). IMDb 7,7.

Jack The Ripper (1978).jpg

A British television drama that is another variation on the case of the best-known assassin of history - Jack the Ripper, who murdered at least 5 women in the streets of London in 1888. (1988). IMDb 7,6.

Soudce a vrah.jpg

A French crime drama inspired by the life of the famous French serial killer Joseph Vacher, nicknamed the "Southeast Ripper" in France, who murdered over 10 people at the end of the 19th century. (1976). IMDb 7,4.

U Zlaté rukavice.jpg

A hilarious German thriller that depicts the life and actions of the German serial killer Fritz Honky in a raw and sometimes disgusting way. He murdered at least four women in Hamburg between 1970 and 1975 and stored the decomposing bodies in his apartment. A film that both inspires and disgusts at the same time. (2019). IMDb 6,7.

A documentary movie about an American serial killer of 2 children and several prostitutes, mainly portrayed by an interview with this predator (2008). IMDb 5,7.

An American film, headed by Tony Curtis and Henry Fond, shows a hunting for the serial killer of the so-called "Boston strangler" - Albert de Salvo (1968). IMDb 7,1.

A very good television movie based on the case of the famous American serial killer of 33 young men - John Wayne Gacy. (1992). . IMDb 7,4.

Deník vraha.jpg

The American prison thriller, starring James Woods, dealing with the case of the ruthless American serial killer from the early 20th century, Carl Panzram, who murdered perhaps as many as twenty people. (1995). IMDb 6,3.

A television movie reconstructing a real search for a serial killer of 11 people from 1957 - Charles Starkweather (1993). IMDb 6,6.

An American film about the so-called "cannibal from Milwaukee" Jeffrey Dahmer, an American serial killer who killed at least 17 young men (2002). IMDb 5,6.

Czech-British movie where Milan Kňažko portrays the German sadistic serial killer of the 1920's - Peter Kürten (2009).   IMDb 6,2.

A movie inspired case of the American serial killer of 33 young men, John Wayne Gacy (2010). IMDb 6,4.


A well-known Czech film, which is a free processing of the case from the 1990's. - the so-called Orlík murders, which entered the history of Czech criminology (2005). IMDb 6,1.

Nechce se mi spát.jpg

A French thriller inspired by the case of a serial killer named Thierry Paulin ("Monster of Montmartre") who murdered several old women in Paris in the 1980s. (1994). IMDb 7,0.

Noc lovce.jpg

British television film. A remake of the famous 1955 film, which is a film adaptation of the case of the American serial killer Harry F. Powers, who murdered 5 people in 1931. (1991). IMDb 3,8

An American film freely inspired by the crime of Charles Starkweather, serial killer, who in 1957 killed 11 people (1973). IMDb 7,9.

Der Totmacher.jpg

A German low-cost film that was made according to real events taking place in Germany between 1918 and 1924, when Fritz Haarmann murdered at least 27 boys and young men to eventually sell their meat on the market. (1995). IMDb 7,6.

The Highwaymen.jpeg

An American crime drama based on a true story that tells the story of two detectives trying to track down and kill the infamous criminals Bonnie and Clyde. They killed at least nine police officers in the first half of the 1930s and were responsible for several civilian murders. (2019). IMDb 6,9.

An American movie devoted to the case of the never-catched serial killer Jack the Ripper. In the lead role of Johnny Depp as a detective (2001). IMDb 6,8.


British film about the case of John R. Christie, who in 1943-1953 murdered at least eight people in his London house (1971). IMDb 7,6.

An American movie titled The Case of a Famous Serial Killer and necrophiliac of the 1950's - Ed Gein (1974). IMDb 6,5

Der Hammermorder.jpg

A German crime thriller dealing with the case of the German serial killer and robber, the so-called "hammer killer", Hans Poehlk, who murdered at least 6 people in 1985-1985 for property gains. (1990). IMDb 7,7.

Obezřetný cizinec.jpg

An American crime drama about Ted Bundy, a charismatic and intelligent rapist and murderer who has demonstrably committed thirty sexual murders between 1974 and 1978, with the actual death toll still unknown, but certainly much higher. (1986). IMDb 7,4.

Smrtící věž.jpg

An American television thriller based on a true 1966 event, when mass murderer Charles Whitman first killed his loved ones, then barricaded himself on top of a high-rise building near the university and fired people. (1975). IMDb 6,7.

Masakr na svatého Valetntýna.jpg

An American crime drama that tells about the worst and most famous gangster mass murder in US history on February 14, 1929, without tinsel and romance. The film was made by famous director Roger Corman. (1967). IMDb 6,7.

D.C. Sniper - 23 Dní strachu.jpg

An American television crime film depicting the murders of a pair of serial killers and their impact on society. According to the actual case of John Muhammad and Lee Malva, nicknamed "D. C. Snipers ”who shot or shot dozens of people in 2002. (2003). IMDb 6,0.

Svatý pavouk.jpg

AA Danish co-production thriller that is inspired by the case of an Iranian serial killer named Saeed Hanaei, who murdered more than a dozen prostitutes in 2000. (2022). IMDb 7,3.

Lord Longford.jpg

British drama about Lord Frank Longford and the case of the murderous British couple Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, who murdered at least five children in the 1960s (2006). IMDb 7,5.

Javed Iqbal - The Untold Story of A Serial Killer.jpg

A Pakistani film dealing with the case of a serial killer named Javed Iqbal, who confessed to murdering 100 boys in the late 1990s. A specific feature of his MO was that he used minor helpers to search for his victims. (2022). IMDb 6,8.

Doktor Petiot.jpg

A French criminal drama, inspired by the crimes of French serial killer and physician Marcel Potiot, who murdered at least 27 people in a miserable way during the Second World War for property gains. (1990). IMDb 7,1.

An American movie about a Canadian couple of serial killers with the names of Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo (2006). IMDb 5,5.

Zabijáci osamělých srdcí.jpg

An American movie about a serial killers, Martha Beck and Raymond Fernandez, who in the 1940's. assassinated maybe 20 women (2006). IMDb 6,5.

43. Případ vraha - Uspávačka

Případ vraha - Uspávačka.jpg

An authentic reconstruction of the life of the most unfamous Czech serial killer, Jaroslava Fabiánová, who took the lives of 4 men and now is serving a life sentence. (2016).

44. The Good Nurse

The Good Nurse.jpg

An American film that deals with the case of the well-known American serial killer from the hospital environment - Charles Cullen, who during his 15-year career as a "health brother" took the lives of perhaps hundreds of people! (2022). IMDb 6.8.

45. A is for Acid

A Is for Acid.jpg

A British TV movie that is inspired by the true case of serial killer John George Haigh, who murdered at least 6 people in the 1940s. (2002). IMDB 7.0.

A brutal British biographical movie about one of the most active American serial killers - Henry Lee Lucas (1986). IMDb 7,0.

Zmrzlá zem.jpg

The American mysterious crime thriller is inspired by the incredible but real story of an Alaskan police officer (Nicolas Cage) who tries to stop the murdering beast of Robert Hansen (John Cusack). A serial killer who killed up to 21 women and girls in Alaska in 1971–1983. (2013). IMDb 6,4.

Dans La Tete Du Tueur.jpg

A French thriller inspired by the case of a serial killer named Francis Heaulme, who murdered up to several dozen people across France, many of whom were children. (2004). IMDb 7,0.

49. My Daughter's Killer

My Daughter's Killer.jpg

A French documentary about a father who spends decades trying to bring his daughter's murderer to justice in France and Germany, until he finally resorts to drastic measures. (2022). IMDb 6,8.

Tales of the Grim Sleeper.jpg

An American-British documentary film about a serial killer named Lonnie David Franklin Jr., who killed more than 10 people between 1985 and 2007. (2014). IMDb 7,0.

The Women and The Murderer.jpg

A French Netflix documentary about the serial killer Guy Georges who terrorized Paris in the 1990s and killed at least seven people. (2021). IMDb 6,4.